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High Mast Lighting Poles-Sujeet Industries

High Mast Lighting poles

High mast lighting is today’s preferred over conventional lighting. Especially where large areas are to be illuminated. This system eliminates the need for numerous lighting columns which, under certain circumstances, can pose hazardous to movement. This is possible the high mast lighting system achieves very large space to height ratios.

High mast lighting is ideal for industrial or commercial areas, merging expressways, airports, heavy-industry zones, shipping ports, flyovers, stations and even some hazardous areas. All of this require an extra emphasis on safety and security. That’s why we created our high mast lighting towers and Every high mast lighting tower is designed with key details like lighting load, tower weight, variable wind speeds and local soil conditions in mind. (ISO 9001-2015, ISO 45001-2015, ISO 9001-2018).

Product Range

Height : 12 mtr - 25 mtr

Finish : Hot Dip Galvanized