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Solar Water Pumping System-Sujeet Industries

Solar Water Pumping System

Our India has a strong agriculture background from last many decades. But yet many villages & forest locations whichever is most suitable for agriculture not yet been electrified. Solar water pumps is one of the Best solution & also economical for electrification of water Pumping& helping to our Nation to growth of agriculture economy.
Sujeet Industries is leading provider of Solar Irrigation Mounting Structures in India. Our structure are Designed with high Quality for maximum & longer life with Optimum structure design, maximum efficiency by maintaining Quality Standards.
We are thankful to our Designing Team they Designed Structure in such way that it can also work with the existing utility Power to have more working hours of the solar pump.

Applicatios and features

  • No electricity or fuel charge
  • Pump Capacity from 1 HP to 7 HP
  • Usually the need for water is greatest during the hot sunny days. During these peak times the pv panels also produce most power and most water will be pumped into the storage tank.
  • Easy installation on roof or ground
  • Non-polluted, clean and efficient energy
  • It allows people to handle their water supply for drinking, farm animals watering, irrigation, & other housing applications.
  • Long life over 20 years; due to the simplicity of solar powered water pump systems, this technology is reliable, and requires little maintenance.

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